Farming for Food or Profit

   In January I was sitting in a trade booth at the GrassWorks Grazing Conference when a fellow stopped at the booth and after reading our glyphosate banner began questioning me about why we were against the use of glyphosate.  I briefly outlined several concerns we have, such as trace mineral tie-up, super weeds, damage to soil and GI bacteria, as well as damage to human and animal health. 
   He was not impressed.  He told me he considered Round-Up to be one of the best new things that had come about during his farming career and in his experience it was very cost effective and did no damage that he was aware of. I could tell right off that I was not going to make a convert here.
    Having previously made the decision to never argue with an idiot in public - because those watching would not be able to tell who was the idiot - I played my trump card and asking him; “Have you ever considered that you are primarily growing food for people and animals to eat and not just producing a commodity to be sold or traded on the market?  He gave me kind of a blank condescending look and just walked away.
   It is unfortunate, but often true, that many farmers are so engrossed in the profit side of farming that they overlook the fact that they are poisoning the unsuspecting folks who buy their tainted products.