First Post

Since my awareness of holistic concepts began when I read Bromfield’s books in 1948 it is fitting that I begin this new blog venture by reprinting an older entry first made 0n June 10, 2008.

"A visit to Louis Bromfield’s Malabar Farm is somewhat like a pilgrimage for me. When Ruth and I, along with Gwen and Jim Helfter, visited the site today I recalled that it has been over 60 years ago that I read his books Malabar Farm and Pleasant Valley.  His story was my first exposure to the sustainable or organic agriculture movement.  In that time there has not been all that much improvement on the innovative methods on building soil that he proposed in the early 1940’s.  In my mind, Bromfield, Dr. Wm Albrecht, Sir Albert Howard and others of that era were the pioneers of what we now call the organic and/or sustainable agriculture movement".